The Orioles Worry Meter

Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman places the O’s Worry Meter at 6, which is higher than the Mariners (4) but lower than the Mets (7) and Astros (8). 

Everyone in Florida said the Orioles were improved, and some even called them “most improved.” Through eight games, though, they look as feeble as ever.

They’ve lost five in a row to drop to 1-7. What’s more, word of their alleged improvement apparently hasn’t gotten to their skeptical fans; the O’s drew a record low 9,129 fans to beautiful Camden Yards on Monday.

New closer Mike Gonzalez is already under the gun with an 18.00 ERA and two blown saves in three chances. But most of their issues are offensive in nature thus far. The injury to star second baseman Brian Roberts has hurt them, as Julio Lugo (2 for 16) doesn’t appear to be an adequate replacement. They do have a pretty nice nucleus with Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and Brian Matusz. But it might not be enough. Not yet.

Worry Meter: 6. (No sense worrying too much in that division. Not much they can do. Not yet, anyway.)

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2 Responses to The Orioles Worry Meter

  1. Andrew says:

    Worry? I wouldn't call getting the same thing we've been getting for 13 years something to worry about. Maybe we should have worried 12 years ago. The only thing to be worried about is that the front office is going to panic and sell off our young "nucleus" to the Sox or Yanks.

  2. I'm done if they sell off the young nucleus. I don't see it happening, though. Trembley's the main guy who has to worry about not being in Baltimore past this season if things don't improve.

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