Flashback Friday: A Baltimore Orioles Song You’ve Probably Never Heard

Throughout the 2016 season Roar from 34 will use Flashback Fridays to remember the 1966 Baltimore Orioles and to honor the 50th anniversary of the franchise’s first World Series title.

Champs All The Way
Did you know that the 1966 Baltimore Orioles had their own theme song? Let’s talk about “Baltimore Orioles Champs All The Way” by Steve Martin (aka Martin Zamansky).

Before Walter Woodward’s Orioles Magic took over Birdland starting in 1979, and three decades prior to “Why Not?” becoming the defiant tune of the scrappy 1989 O’s outfit, the 1966 team had its very first victory tune called “Baltimore Orioles Champs All the Way.”

There are actually two versions of “Baltimore Orioles Champs All the Way,” one for winning the pennant and the second for the World Series victory. Just imagine if there had been an ALCS or two wild cards back in 1966. Steve Martin would have been an even busier man.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics from the World Series version of Champs All The Way:

We won the Series, champs all the way,
Our Baltimore Orioles, champs all the way,
1966 champs of the World Series games,
Our team’s the best, we passed the test, and earned our fame,
Because we hit and pitched, worked and played, fought as a team,
Had a winning spirit, that’s how we won
With teamwork from all the guys and everyone,
Outstanding manager of the year, “Hank Bauer.”

Have a listen for yourself to the excerpt below.

You won’t find much online about “Baltimore Orioles Champs All the Way.” I simply bought the seven-inch vinyl record on eBay as part of a package deal with an “Orioles Magic” record. A bout of nostalgia inspired me to purchase “Orioles Magic,” at which point I discovered the 1966 song.

Do you know anything about the origins “Baltimore Orioles Champs All the Way”? If so, share some details in the comments section below.



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  1. Dr. Howard Eisenberg says:

    Martin Zamanski is 83 and living in Baltimore. He would love some feedback and support.

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