Ryan Flaherty Knows How to Get to Eutaw Street

Ryan Flaherty baseball cardRyan Flaherty doesn’t pack the punch of, say, Manny Machado, but he showed on Tuesday night that he does have some pop of his own.

Flaherty hit the 84th Eutaw Street home run in Camden Yards history in the second inning of the Orioles’ 9-1 victory versus the Kansas City Royals. Orioles batters have hit the last five Eutaw Street home runs, which is the longest stretch in ballpark history.

Flaherty has now reached Eutaw Street twice in game action, with the first coming on Sept. 25, 2013. He is one of 14 players to hit multiple Eutaw Street home runs. Only four batters (Chris Davis, Luke Scott, Rafael Palmeiro, and Jason Giambi) have reached Eutaw Street more than two times.

Here is the overall company Flaherty is keeping with multiple trips to Eutaw Street.

Brady Anderson
Lance Berkman
Chris Davis
Adam Dunn
Jason Giambi
Jay Gibbons
Curtis Granderson
Aubrey Huff
David Ortiz
Rafael Palmeiro
Luke Scott
Lee Stevens
Jim Thome

And here’s the Eutaw Street Home Run Leaderboard:

Chris Davis (8)
Luke Scott (6)
Rafael Palmeiro (5)
Jason Giambi (3)
Lance Berkman, Adam Dunn, Jay Gibbons, Curtis Granderson, Aubrey Huff, David Ortiz, Lee Stevens, Jim Thome, Ryan Flaherty (2)

Read some of the back stories about Eutaw Street home runs in the Eutaw Street Chronicles.


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2 Responses to Ryan Flaherty Knows How to Get to Eutaw Street

  1. They should give you a job in the MASN booth — because Jim Hunter, even in the post-game interview, didn’t seem to know that Flash had hit Eutaw Street before.

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