Forget #NationalCoffeeDay, it’s #HyunSooKimDay for Orioles Fans


Photo credit: Norm Schimmel

Perhaps you heard about a certain South Korean baseball player hitting a ninth-inning, pinch-hit home run for the Orioles in Toronto on Wednesday night. Here’s a hearty, Dave Wallace-esque double bow to Hyun Soo Kim for keeping the Orioles’ postseason hopes alive, and frankly for making my world a better place.

How you ask?

Well, my son rushed into our bedroom this morning at 3 a.m. needing to go to the bathroom. He didn’t make it there. I’ll spare you the details. Normally this would be a source of tremendous frustration for me, but in my early morning haze I thought, “That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.”

The experience got me to wondering if this feeling could carry over to the rest of my day. Could Hyun Soo Kim deliver peace to my world?

Just imagine …

Guy cuts me off in traffic, causing me to swerve out of the way and narrowly avoid an accident. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

All that swerving caused me to spill my coffee, and on National Coffee Day no less! That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Stop by Krispy Kreme for a replacement coffee – and a free doughnut, of course – only to find that the drive-thru line is backed up to the main road. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Finally get to the drive-thru window. Doughnut is soggy. Coffee is lukewarm, but still warmer than the service. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Stop for gas on the way back home. Pick the wrong gas station, fill the tank while staring across the street at a marquee for gas that’s several cents cheaper. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Remember that we need a few items at the grocery store. Wait forever in “self checkout” line. When it’s finally my turn, the machine keeps beeping at me and telling me to place my items in the bagging area even though they’re already there. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Try to use the chip reader to pay for groceries. After three failed attempts, machine tells me to swipe my card instead. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Return home and realize that I left a window open during last night’s storm. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Trip over the kids’ toys scattered about the downstairs while walking to the kitchen. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.

Sit down at the kitchen table with the remainder of my lukewarm coffee, open the MLB at-bat app, and see that the Detroit Tigers won a rain-shortened game last night. That’s okay, Hyun Soo Kim.



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