Flashback Friday: Which Two Baltimore Orioles Players Have Led the League in Errors?

Tim Beckham, Baltimore OriolesThe Baltimore Orioles have been a comedy of errors in 2018. Just this week the team managed to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 5-4 in spite of its defense, which produced five errors and other missed opportunities that didn’t show up in the box score.

Berry Epley (@apps94) hit the mark on Twitter when he commented that the team could use the Benny Hill theme music as its soundtrack for the 2018 season. (Said song is “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph.)



As the Baltimore Sun and many other outlets reported, the last time the O’s won while committing five or more errors was with a much better team, the 1983 World Series champions, on June 9, 1983.

The Orioles currently have the third-most errors in the American League behind the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox. Tim Beckham leads the team in errors with 17, three fewer than American League leader Rafael Devers of the Boston Red Sox. It’s worth noting that Devers has played 36 more games than Beckham.

Errors can be misleading when considered in isolation as some of the names mentioned later in this post demonstrate. With that consideration in mind, put on your thinking cap with the smiling bird on the front and riddle me this:

Which two Orioles players have led the American League in errors?

(Hint: One name you would expect; however, some viewed the latter player as being among the all-time great shortstops in baseball.)

  1. Mark Reynolds led the American League in errors in 2011 with 31.
  2. Willy Miranda led the American League in errors in 1955 with 34.

(Learn more about Miranda in his SABR bio, which notes that he “epitomized the ‘good field, no hit’ shortstop’ and that “Tom Lasorda, to name just one, thought the flashy little Cuban was the best he ever saw at short”).

My hint could produce some guesses of Cal Ripken Jr. The Ironman twice finished in the top 10 for most errors in baseball. The first was in 1985 when his 26 errors tied for seventh-most overall. The second came in 1997 when his 22 errors again tied for seventh-most overall.


Here are some other notable Orioles-related error totals:

-Reynolds has led the league in errors three times. In addition to 2011, Reynolds led the National League in errors with Arizona in 2008 and 2009.

-Current Norfolk Tide Pedro Alvarez led the National League in errors for three consecutive seasons from 2012-2014.

-Beckham tied for second in the majors for errors last season with 20.

Manny Machado totaled the eighth-most errors in baseball in 2015.


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