I Can’t Believe, Today is Opening Day

There’s something about Opening Day for the Baltimore Orioles that speaks to the musical side of me. What can I say? I wake up on Opening Day with a song in my heart. Several in fact.

I shared my Opening Day Playlist a few years ago. This year’s selection is … less traditional. Just imagine Ice Cube as an Orioles fan getting ready to hop on the Light Rail and head down to Camden Yards. As I said, less traditional.

Just waking up as an O’s fan gotta thank God
I don’t know but this season seems kinda odd
No Esskay hot dogs, why blog
Bout a team that’s filled with all cogs
Jays couldn’t get on, they just got out
Bullpen got a call from a guy who took Hess out
Hooked him early and we said “Why doe?”
Guess the pitch count’s getting real high tho
I don’t know how this team gotta top spot
But as the standings switch, the O’s are gonna drop drop
We Won’t Stop is no more, right?
Looking like the playoffs won’t soon be in sight
But everything is alright
We got Sig from NASA who does stats, allllll right
Called up the Warehouse and I’m telling y’all
Oriole Park at Camden Yards will stand tall
Get me online and I’m trouble
Last week f—ed around and my mentions doubled
Freaking out on Twitter happens anyway
I can’t believe, today is Opening Day



About Matthew Taylor

Roar from 34, a Baltimore Orioles Blog. Humor. History. Homerism. Since 2006.
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