Now That Manny Machado Has Returned to Baltimore, Let’s Talk About a Returning Player Orioles Fans Would Never Boo

Manny Machado returned to Baltimore Tuesday night. He received a warm reception from fans, which he appreciated. It was the feel-good, Halfway-to-Christmas story Charm City never knew it needed. It even featured a Grinch.

The question of whether to boo Manny during his first post-Orioles appearance at Camden Yards became a debated topic leading up the game.
Content is king, and booing Machado is a clickable storyline. Exhibit A: New York. Exhibit B: Philadelphia.

Given that fans did not lustily voice disapproval on Tuesday, Manny’s return fails to enter the “Tsk-Tsk, Cities Like New York and Philly Can Boo, But Baltimore Shouldn’t Do It Hall of Shame” (TTCLNYAPCBBBSDIHOS for short).

The Tsk-Tsk Hall of Shame thrives on O’s players (sorry about that, Terry Mathews and Hyun-Soo Kim), although Mark Teixeira entered as a non-player and inspired a song along the way. There was room for Machado as a Padre, but perhaps O’s fans are learning the unwritten rules for booing baseball players.

Ultimately, booing is in the eye of the beholder. Still, there’s one returning player Orioles fans would never boo.

He’s the guy who had fans standing and chanting his name by his third career at-bat.

The one who took a curtain call following his first career home run.

The man who holds the team’s rookie hit streak to start a season .

One of only a dozen FHAAT Boys in Baltimore.

He’s Joey Rickard.

Booing Rickard, who is now a member of the San Francisco Giants organization, would be like booing your waitress as she brings you a basket of warm, delicious biscuits prior to your meal.

Speaking of biscuits, here’s my official ranking of Greatest Former Montgomery Biscuits Players to Become Orioles.

  1. Delmon Young
  2. Jason Hammel
  3. Joey Rickard

We could never boo Joey, baby.


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4 Responses to Now That Manny Machado Has Returned to Baltimore, Let’s Talk About a Returning Player Orioles Fans Would Never Boo

  1. Stephen Heup says:

    We would never boo the guy whose name is at the top of every statistical category in the Orioles Rickard book.

  2. Berdj Joseph Rassam says:

    Manny should have been greeted warmly by the O’s fans – he was a good player who gave the team everything he had for several years.

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