Talking Orioles Baseball and … That Cedric Mullins Triple

Congratulations, Cedric Mullins, you joined catcher Gus Triandos in a 27-way tie for 189th place on the Baltimore Orioles‘ career triples list on Monday with six three-baggers.

It was an unusual triple by Mullins, to say the least. During a rebuild, unusual plays are most welcome.

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Were I more ambitious, I would create a ranked list of the most unusual triples in Camden Yards history. Instead, I’m going to write about one unusual triple by a guy who ranks among my all-time favorite Orioles, Sam Horn.

Before I get to Sam Horn’s triple, I should mention that Gus Triandos caught the first no-hitter in Orioles history. Mentioning his name seems fitting given this already crazy 2021 O’s season when John Means has a no-hitter to his credit.

Also, Orioles fans are obligated to mention that scene from The Wire whenever the name Gus Triandos arises, so here it is. “One Guy, One Act, One Time.”

We’ve talked triples, and we’ve talked no-hitters. Let’s make one more connection: Sam Horn’s lone career triple came against baseball’s career leader in no-hitters, Nolan Ryan.

Horn, 6’5″ and nearly 250 pounds at the time, legged out his triple against The Ryan Express on May 5, 1992.

Here’s the description from Ken Rosenthal, then a Baltimore Sun beat writer.

It was the seventh triple in the first 12 games played at Camden Yards. Because baseball.

Said Brady Anderson, who ranks in the O’s Top 10 for career triples: “He wasn’t running bad. He came around second, and he was gettin’ it. He stretched it out.”

According to Rosenthal’s telling, Horn pulled up at second during a game in Kansas City earlier in the season. That led Anderson to encourage him to dig for three.

“I prefer to hit doubles, dingers and drive in runs,” Horn said. “The triples I leave to you fast guys.”

Fast guys like Cedric Mullins.



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