Let’s Talk About That 10-Game Orioles Win Streak

The Baltimore Orioles‘ 10-game win streak ended on Friday with a one-run loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Half of their wins during the streak came in one-run games, so they were bound to not have one go their way.

Now that the win streak is over, let’s put it in context for all O’s seasons.

The longest single-season Orioles win streak of 14 games came in 1973. Overall, the O’s have had a win streak of 10 or more games in 12 different seasons. The most recent came in 1999 (13 games).

Overall Records

There’s still a lot of baseball left to be played in 2022; however, we can see how past seasons with double-digit win streaks panned out.

The Orioles won 100 or more games on three occasions during seasons when they had a win streak of at least 10 games (1970, 1971, 1980). The 1970 team topped all the others with 108 wins following a season-best 11-game win streak.

The smallest full-season win total for an Orioles team following a double-digit win streak was 67 games in 1987. That team’s win streak ran from July 12 to July 25 but still left the O’s eight games below .500 at 45-53 thanks to a 10-game losing streak in June and an eight-game losing streak in September.

Postseason Appearances

Finally, let’s talk postseason baseball (for prior years, not this year … although I know it’s on your mind).

The Orioles have made the postseason five times during seasons in which they’ve posted a double-digit win streak: 1966, 1970, 1971, 1973, and 1974. They won two World Series: 1966 and 1970. (The longest win streak for the World Series Champion 1983 Orioles was eight games.)

The 1974 Orioles were the last Baltimore playoff team with a double-digit win streak. Here are the longest win streaks for the Orioles’ most recent playoff teams: 2016 (seven games), 2014 (six games), 2012 (six games), 1997 (seven games), and 1996 (five games).



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