Daddy’s Big League Daughter

I’ve written about baseball from the perspective of the father and of the son, but I want to explore a storyline with a spirit all its own. Let’s talk about baseball and daughters.

Daddy’s Little Girl? Well, okay. But take a moment to get to know Daddy’s Big League Daughter:

She mixes the kindness of Brooks Robinson with the toughness of Frank.

She surprises and delights me as much as Orioles Magic ever has.

She’s beautiful, and I’m biased, but there are few things as enchanting as her in a baseball cap.

She celebrates each victory like it’s the World Series and expects me to do the same. 

She reminds me that “Cito Sucks” isn’t kind to say and wonders so sincerely about my distaste for certain teams.

She gets her cuts when big brother practices, and did I mention that her fastball has life?

She asks me to read “just one” of the “100 Things Every Orioles Fan Should Know …” before bed, and I do.

She has a ballpark baseball that she got without asking, and boy did it make her smile.

She’ll learn a thing or two about boys when she starts dating, and they’ll learn a thing or two about baseball from her.

She explores all the wonders of the ballpark as she cheers for free; being with her in my favorite place is priceless. 


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Thoughts of a Baltimore Orioles Fan While Attending a Toronto Blue Jays Game

I visited Toronto last week for a work conference. With the Blue Jays playing at home, I donned my Baltimore Orioles ’47 brand franchise hat – favorite brand, favorite style – and walked from my hotel to the Rogers Centre.

I’m a landmark guy when it comes to directions; the CN Tower provided the most convenient of all guideposts to get to the ballpark. Walking some 20 minutes to a baseball game becomes a simple pleasure when you consider it wouldn’t be safe to do so in many cities.

Attending the game on my own provided plenty of time to think. These are the thoughts of a Baltimore Oriole fan attending a game in Toronto.

  • Is it lame to wear the baseball cap of your favorite team to the ballpark when they’re not playing? Opinions may vary. At least that guy in the Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox jersey is providing me cover.
  • WWE Summerslam is in Toronto, which explains the professional wrestlers throwing out the first pitch. “Walk with Elias!!!
  • Looks like they put me right next to the family friendly section that doesn’t allow alcohol. The only Blue Jays fan site I’m familiar with is Drunk Jays Fans.
Plant Guy, Toronto
  • Yup, it sure is.


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Sunday Was Indeed a Fun Day for the Baltimore Orioles and for the Members of the Official International Anthony Santander Fan Club

There are moments when I ponder the Baltimore Orioles‘ overall ambitions and how long it will take for an honest contender to emerge in Charm City. It’s a discouraging thought process.

Then there are moments, admittedly more rare, that stand on their own to be enjoyed in isolation. They aren’t part of any particular process besides passing the time well.

Sunday provided a standalone moment.

My rain-delayed chore schedule proved serendipitous as it allowed a reminder of the simple pleasure of listening to afternoon baseball while mowing the lawn.

New O’s play-by-play man Kevin Brown parlayed an admiring anecdote about the Yankees’ perseverance through injuries this season into a local-listener-friendly angle about Mike Elias‘ like-minded desire to develop organizational depth in seasons yet to come. Nice work there.

The blossoming of the Official International Anthony Santander Club added delightful color to the broadcast. The United Kingdom Contingent has taken root in #Birdland.

Listening to the game was ultimately no chore as the competitive contest favored the hometown nine for nearly all nine.

Batting .342 provides obvious joy; playing .342 offers little joy. When it does, the moment stands alone.


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