Which Type of Quarantined Orioles Fan Are You?

It’s Opening Day. Well, it was supposed to be anyway. Instead, we have #OpeningDayAtHome. Sigh.

We each have our own coping methods. Still, I’m thinking there are some general categories of quarantined baseball fans that capture many members of the #Birdland community.

Which of these types of quarantined O’s fan descriptions fits you best?

The Extr-O-vert

These days of self-quarantine have produced a debate about what qualifies as an essential service; however, no one’s questioning the value of grocery stores.As an Extra-O-vert, you can use that to your advantage.Get outside of the house, go to the grocery store, grab a cart and some frosty beverages, and make like the cart boys.

Don’t worry, people will be more than happy to keep a safe social distance from you while you celebrate. Ain’t the Beer Cold!

Most likely example: @editti22.


The Intr-O-vert

Crowds aren’t your thing, unless of course it’s at Camden Yards.As an Intr-O-vert, you’re content to grab some reading material, curl up in your favorite chair, and read about better days gone by while dreaming of glory days yet to come.
Baltimore Orioles bookMaybe take a pass on Astroball for the time being.

Most likely example: @JMcGuireMLB (aka @BaseballBookPod)


The Audi-O-phile

Who doesn’t love the sights and smells of a ballpark? What you really love, though, is the sounds.Substitute the joys of an Orioles Radio broadcast with some classic O’s tunes and make the most of your days.

Baltimore Orioles Music
“Something magic happens ….”

Most likely example: @SamAbate

The Vide-O

You started your day with a simple YouTube search for the Delmon Young double. Who can possibly wait until the afternoon to see it on the MLB Livestream?

Hours later, you’ve watched official highlights from every O’s postseason victory, endless homemade fan tributes, and feature packages.

Boog Powell Meets Boog Powell
If you can’t be at Boog’s day, you may as well watch “Boog Powell meets the A’s Boog Powell,” right?

Most likely example: @AlainnFocail


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Daddy’s Big League Daughter

I’ve written about baseball from the perspective of the father and of the son, but I want to explore a storyline with a spirit all its own. Let’s talk about baseball and daughters.

Daddy’s Little Girl? Well, okay. But take a moment to get to know Daddy’s Big League Daughter:

She mixes the kindness of Brooks Robinson with the toughness of Frank.

She surprises and delights me as much as Orioles Magic ever has.

She’s beautiful, and I’m biased, but there are few things as enchanting as her in a baseball cap.

She celebrates each victory like it’s the World Series and expects me to do the same. 

She reminds me that “Cito Sucks” isn’t kind to say and wonders so sincerely about my distaste for certain teams.

She gets her cuts when big brother practices, and did I mention that her fastball has life?

She asks me to read “just one” of the “100 Things Every Orioles Fan Should Know …” before bed, and I do.

She has a ballpark baseball that she got without asking, and boy did it make her smile.

She’ll learn a thing or two about boys when she starts dating, and they’ll learn a thing or two about baseball from her.

She explores all the wonders of the ballpark as she cheers for free; being with her in my favorite place is priceless. 


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Thoughts of a Baltimore Orioles Fan While Attending a Toronto Blue Jays Game

I visited Toronto last week for a work conference. With the Blue Jays playing at home, I donned my Baltimore Orioles ’47 brand franchise hat – favorite brand, favorite style – and walked from my hotel to the Rogers Centre.

I’m a landmark guy when it comes to directions; the CN Tower provided the most convenient of all guideposts to get to the ballpark. Walking some 20 minutes to a baseball game becomes a simple pleasure when you consider it wouldn’t be safe to do so in many cities.

Attending the game on my own provided plenty of time to think. These are the thoughts of a Baltimore Oriole fan attending a game in Toronto.

  • Is it lame to wear the baseball cap of your favorite team to the ballpark when they’re not playing? Opinions may vary. At least that guy in the Jacoby Ellsbury Boston Red Sox jersey is providing me cover.
  • WWE Summerslam is in Toronto, which explains the professional wrestlers throwing out the first pitch. “Walk with Elias!!!
  • Looks like they put me right next to the family friendly section that doesn’t allow alcohol. The only Blue Jays fan site I’m familiar with is Drunk Jays Fans.
Plant Guy, Toronto
  • Yup, it sure is.


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