About Roar from 34

Established in 2006, Roar From 34 is the longest-running Baltimore Orioles blog. This solo venture revels in wins and laments losses, but the content goes beyond results to celebrate the culture – past and present – around the team. It’s about the personalities, moments, and eccentricities unique to Charm City’s beloved franchise.

Regardless of whether your playoff frame of reference is Tito Landrum or Delmon Young, there’s a seat at the virtual table for you.


The name Roar From 34 conjures thoughts of Orioles Magic, team Hall of Famer Wild Bill Hagy, and Memorial Stadium’s Section 34 Rowdies for diehard fans. I don’t claim a direct connection to Hagy or the Rowdies. Just appreciation. If baseball blogs came to life, they’d be seated in Section 34. 

Read about Wild Bill Hagy in this Baltimore Sun article and watch the video profile about him from Baltimore’s “Evening Magazine” below.