Hyun-Soo Kim, Joey Rickard, and Three-Hit Games in Context

Hyun-Soo KimHyun-Soo Kim and Joey Rickard are stacking three-hit games like it’s 2009. That’s the last time two Orioles rookies had three or more three-hit games in the season’s first 71 games. The duo then was Nolan Reimold and Matt Wieters.

Kim’s three-hit game on Sunday was his fifth of the season thus far, which is tied for third overall in team history through a player’s first 71 games. Billy Ripken leads the way with eight three-hit showings through 71 games in 1987.

How many times have multiple rookies had a trio of three-hit games for the Orioles through the season’s first 71 contests? It has happened 10 times since 1954, with two of those occasions (1991 and 1955) featuring three rookies.

Here are the rookie teammates to have three or more three-hit days through 71 games:

Kim (5)
Rickard (3)

Nolan Reimold (4)
Matt Wieters (3)

Nick Markakis (5)
Brandon Fahey (3)

Manny Alexander (5)
Curtis Goodwin (3)

Jack Voigt (4)
Sherman Obando (4)

Chris Hoiles (3)
Chito Martinez (3)
Leo Gomez (3)

John Shelby (5)
Leo Hernandez (3)

Johnny Oates (6)
Don Baylor (4)

Davey Johnson (5)
Andy Etchebarren (3)

Gus Triandos (5)
Bob Hale (5)
Hal Smith (3)


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