Maybe Joey Rickard Will Get Name-Dropped in a Song One Day

Flashback Friday: Johnny Orsino's Spring Training Homer BingeMy post this morning about Orioles-related songs for your Opening Day playlist included the Terry Cashman classic “Talkin’ Baseball (Orioles).” Listen closely and you’ll hear Johnny Orsino get name dropped. Just who is Johnny Orsino?

Orsino begat Jake Fox who begat Joey Rickard. In other words, he was the original Spring Training wonder.

With apologies to Fox and Rickard, Orsino’s tale of preseason glory was the grandest of them all as he homered in his first five at-bats with the Orioles.

I highlighted Orsino on Roar from 34 in 2010 after Keith Olbermann wrote about his unique Spring Training accomplishment.

From that 2010 Johnny Orsino post:

Orsino , nicknamed Horse, made a unique claim to baseball fame with his streak of five straight Spring Training home runs to start his Orioles career

Orsino was later part of another baseball rarity when he caught a game during which both pitchers tossed one-hitters. The only players to record hits in the game were the catchers.

As you watch Joey Rickard on the hometown diamond, take a moment to remember Johnny Orsino.





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