Joey Rickard Joins Elite Company for the Baltimore Orioles

A Post In Which I Combine Stats to Make Joey Rickard Historically Significant

Joey Rickard Baserunner of the YearHave yourself a night, Joey Rickard.

The Baltimore Orioles right fielder collected four hits, including the game winner, on Friday night in St. Pete, which surely inspired at least one of the 9,081 Tampa Bay fans in attendance (I like to think it was the 9,081st fan) to ask, “Didn’t we have that guy at some point?”

Ahhh, Joey Rickard.

Rickard, the 2015 Minor League Base Runner of the Year, enjoyed a brief, intense love affair with Baltimore fans after slugging his way onto the roster in 2016. We cheered rather than booed that guy on Opening Day.

We’ve had some good times with Joey, baby.

If Rickard had the makings of a Baltimore legend then, well, consider that legend made now. A mere three years later, Joey Rickard has joined the Baltimore Orioles’ esteemed FHAAT Boys Club.

You’re not familiar with FHAAT? You think I simply misspelled Phat? Looks like it’s time to talk some baseball history.

The FHAAT Boys

Less well-known than its acronymic counterparts TOOTBLAN and LOOGY, FHAAT (which I made up for the purposes of this post) stands for Four Hits And A Triple.

Check the numbers, and you’ll find only a dozen FHAAT Boys in Baltimore Orioles history:

  1. Joey Rickard (of course)
  2. Eddie Murray
  3. Brooks Robinson (founder of the club in 1960 who did it twice for good measure)
  4. Frank Robinson
  5. Don Baylor
  6. Cal Ripken Jr. (twice)
  7. Chris Richard
  8. Aubrey Huff
  9. Felix Pie
  10. Nelson Cruz
  11. Matt Wieters (Wait, what? Yup.)
  12. Hyun Soo Kim

The FHAAT Boys are Back. And they could never be whack.


Postscript: Check out that 1960 boxscore from Brooks Robinson’s five-hit game. Robinson went five-for-five and fell a single short of hitting for the cycle. That’s how you end up third in MVP voting behind the likes of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

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