Which Baltimore Orioles Batters Have Put The Most Social Distance Between Themselves and the Baseball in the Statcast Era?

Major League Baseball installed Statcast technology in all 30 ballparks in 2015. Amidst a wealth of advanced data made available by the system rests a simple classic: home run distance.

Statcast collected information on more than 1,000 Baltimore Orioles home runs between 2015 and 2019. So, which Orioles batter has put the most social distance between himself and baseball in that time period?

Jonathan Schoop’s fourth-inning, 484-foot homer on Aug. 26, 2015 off Johnny Cueto at Kauffman Stadium tops the O’s charts. Cueto’s 91 mph offering left Schoop’s bat with a 110.6 mph exit velocity.

Fun Fact: Schoop and Nelson Cruz have five of the 10 longest home runs by Minnesota Twins batters in the Statcast era.

Have a look below. Be sure to check out Adam Jones’ reaction. And of course, Manny Machado offers Schoop an animated greeting as he returns to the dugout.

Speaking of Manny Machado, he has six of the top 20 longest Orioles home runs since 2015. That’s the most of any O’s player.

Machado holds the three, four, and five spots on the O’s long-ball leaderboard. His longest was a 470-foot bomb on April 28, 2017 against the New York Yankees. Machado deposited a 90.7 mph offering C.C. Sabathia offering into the center field seats with a 113.9 mph exit velocity.

Fun fact: Machado homered off of C.C. Sabathia five times. Sabathia is tied with David Price as the pitchers Machado has homered off the most.

Check out the 1:12 mark of the video below to watch Machado’s blast.

Finally, let’s talk surprises. The second-longest Orioles home run of the Statcast era belongs to a guy who played 37 games in a Baltimore uniform: Keon Broxton.

Broxton’s first of four Orioles home runs traveled 474 feet through the thin Colorado air at Coors Field on May 24, 2019.

Fun Fact: Norm Charlton and Rocky Coppinger each appeared in one less game in an Orioles uniform than did Keon Broxton.

Check out the 1:25 mark of the game recap video to hear Jim Hunter proclaim, “Welcome to Baltimore, Keon Broxton.



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